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Pick-Up Lines That Work

What to say and ask to transform yourself into a client magnet.

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Pick-Up Lines That Work

As your trusted business coach, I’m bringing you a selection of tips on how to capitalize on your dealings with clients – along with “pick-up” lines designed to stimulate conversation and transform you into a client magnet.

Ask clients what they don’t want. Salespeople are typically trained to qualify prospects by asking what they want. Ask the opposite.

What don’t you want?

What went wrong last time that you want to avoid this time?

What can I do that will provide you with a huge sense of relief?

Super-size sales by upselling. If you want to make a sale – and keep a client for life – demonstrate how you will super-size their fun. My golden rule is not to focus on bigger sales and higher commission when dealing with clients but on the importance of creating stellar vacation experiences.

Do you want this trip to be okay, good, better or the best vacation ever?

If you could have a dream experience on this trip what would it be?

Generate more group leads. I believe the agent’s number-one strategy for building an obsolete-proof business is to master group sales. Smart agents can do this by turning ordinary conversations into extraordinary opportunities.

Which friends do you wish could come with you?

What big celebrations are on your horizon?

Defuse the Internet. Don’t fear the Internet – embrace it. Too many agents dissuade prospects from shopping online, which in turn often drives the opposite behavior. Stand firm by offering these reverse psychology pick-up lines.

I am your new truth detector.

Whenever you see confusing things online, send me the link.

I’ll show you what is the truth and what is the phony baloney.

Validate your purpose. Shoppers may question your worth or intimidate you by asking, “Why would I need you?” Here’s how you shut down customers who question your value.

I don’t work for any cruise line or resort. I work for you.

My name is ____. I’m not a dot com. Jot down my cell phone number. Text me any question, any time.

You need me for three things: to validate that the choices you have already made are solid, to remind you of all the little details you need to know, and to show you options you had no idea even existed.

For more pick-up lines email me at  The first 50 agents I receive requests from will receive the full Special Report PDF.


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