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What Do You Do?

Our titles don't even come close to describing the scope of what our jobs entail

Vacation Agent | Travel Agent | Jennifer Doncsecz

What Do You Do?

PHOTO: We are in the business of creating picture-perfect vacations and happy endings.

Someone recently asked me what I did for a living. My response was, “I sell love and happily ever afters.” The person laughed. “No really, that is what I do!” I said. And then that person said, “Tell me more.”

This conversation gave me pause to think about how we, as travel consultants, refer to ourselves. It occurred to me that my title doesn’t come close to describing the scope of what my job entails. I also realized that by saying that I sold love, I quickly invoked emotion into my response.

Remembering that emotion is what really closes a sale, I began to rethink what my employees use as their titles in their email signatures and on their business cards. We get one shot at a first impression, and often that first impression is via email or a business card.

The terms we use to describe what we do can actually create an instant connection, earn respect and engage our customers. Rather than using such titles as travel agent, travel consultant or even travel concierge, my team began to switch things up. One member of my team uses “travel designer” and one uses “travel stylist.” Dream weaver, bucket-list builder, wedding whisperer and vacation engineer were even tossed about.

Personally, I am sick of people asking if travel agents are still around. By changing our job title and adding in positive adjectives, we can create conversation that is optimistic and perhaps even alter the perception that consumers have about travel professionals.

By changing the title of what you do, you can also set yourself apart from others – and isn’t that an important key in standing out in a crowd? Have you thought about what it is that you really do? Is there a way for you to create your own unique job title?

This past May, my company helped arrange more than a dozen destination weddings. Within days of returning, many of our brides contacted me with the most amazing things to say.

One of the brides (pictured here with her groom) sent me a letter gushing about her wedding day at Beaches Turks and Caicos, concluding with: “Love you so much! We are so happy – and yes of course – still on CLOUD 9!”

What job is there where customers and clients write to you and say, “Love you so much!” I guess that is the response you get when you sell love and happily ever afters.


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