Ryan Rudnansky

Ryan Rudnansky


Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. Graduated from San Diego State with a B.A. in journalism. Worked for Bleacher Report, covering all things sports in over 1,800 articles en route to 26 million reads. Also worked for the Healdsburg Tribune and Windsor Times in California, freelanced for the San Francisco Chronicle and wrote music reviews for OregonMusicNews.com in Portland, Oregon.


  • Nov 2016 | Vacation Agent Magazine

    icon_vacationagent  Boutique Mystique

    Here’s advice on how you can can best sell boutique hotels

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  • Nov 2016 | Agent@Home Magazine

     Ecotourism In Hawaii

    Clients can experience the Hawaiian Islands’ marine life

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  • Aug 2016 | Vacation Agent Magazine

    icon_vacationagent  Hawaii’s Eco Travel

    Clients can experience and learn about the Hawaiian Islands’ abundant marine life

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