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5 Things To Do at 6 am at Philadelphia Airport

Airlines & Airports VANE Airport Magazine October 26, 2016

5 Things To Do at 6 am at Philadelphia Airport

On our most recent trip to Annapolis, Maryland we stopped in at PHL Airport and much to our delight, there was an abundance of things happening! We were definitely impressed with everything to do at 6 a.m. at Philadelphia Airport — and you will be too.

The airport was visually stunning, clean, easy to navigate and had more shops and restaurants than we could wrap our travel-exhausted minds around. From rocking chairs to smoked salmon bagels, you’ll definitely find a great way to pass the time.

1. Get breakfast at Legal Sea Foods.

The saying at Legal Sea Foods is “if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal,” and we can definitely vouch for that. We tried the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (the cream cheese even had chives in it!) and the egg breakfast sandwich on a bagel. The coffee was amazing, the food was delicious and best of all, Legal Sea Foods opens at 5:30 a.m., so you can satisfy your breakfast cravings nice and early. They also have a bar for those who live by the motto “it’s five o’clock somewhere!”

2. Relax in the rocking chairs.

Don’t think this is weird — a lot of airports are jumping on board the rocking chair trend. Not only do rocking chairs relax you, but they can also lower anxiety and keep you fit (however slightly, but still fit). But if rocking chairs aren’t really your thing you can find many more seating options around the airport: benches, leather chairs, charging stations, you name it.

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3. Get lost in a virtual book.

Forgot to bring your favorite book with you? Not to worry, Philadelphia Airport has a virtual library with over 27,000 e-books provided by the Free Library of Philadelphia. All you’ve got to do is connect to their free Wi-Fi and you’re ready to dive into your favorite novel.

4. Treat yourself to a chair massage.

It’s the age-old questions: should you get a massage before or after your flight? We say any time is the right time! Especially at 6 a.m. when you’re wishing you were still in bed, a plush massage chair can be just the thing you need to ease yourself into the long day of travel ahead.

5. Check out the art exhibits.

You’d have to be blind to miss all the artwork at Philadelphia Airport — it’s everywhere. They frequently rotate and change the art around the airport so it’s always looking fresh and exciting. They also do live theater and interactive art like pottery classes! The art program was introduced to Philly Airport in 1998 to “humanize” and enhance the travel experience. For more about the current exhibits, check out the website here.

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