Last updated: 11:00 AM ET, Fri October 21 2016

Air Passenger Numbers Are Predicted to Surge

Airlines & Airports International Air Transport Association (IATA) Janeen Christoff October 21, 2016

Air Passenger Numbers Are Predicted to Surge

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Air travel is growing and, according to a recent report in Business Insider, passenger numbers could double in 20 years. 

“According to a new report from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), passenger numbers are likely to surge in the years ahead.”

The group forecasts 7.2 billion passengers will travel by air by 2035, a near doubling of the 3.8 billion level of today.

“The forecast for passenger growth confirms that the biggest driver of demand will be the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected to be the source of more than half the new passengers over the next 20 years,” IATA tells Business Insider.

India will replace the U.K. for third place by 2026 the report indicates and Italy will drop out of the top 10, replaced by Indonesia. 

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“Growth will also increasingly be driven within developing markets. Over the past decade the developing world’s share of total passenger traffic has risen from 24 percent to nearly 40 percent, and this trend is set to continue,” says IATA.

The China, the U.S. and India will all drive significant growth. 

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