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Airbus Files Patent for 'Ultra-Rapid' Aircraft Twice as Fast as Concorde

Airlines & Airports | Patrick Clarke | August 04, 2015

Airbus Files Patent for 'Ultra-Rapid' Aircraft Twice as Fast as Concorde

Illustration via YouTube

Traveling from New York to London in an hour's time would be a dream for most air travelers, especially time-strapped business travelers, but the effort required for such an advance would be monumental to say the least.

That dream is one small step closer to reality, though, thanks to Airbus.

The aircraft manufacturer has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a supersonic, "ultra-rapid" plane with a maximum speed of Mach 4.5, which equates to four-and-a-half times the speed of sound — more than twice as fast as the Concorde.

The futuristic and ambitious concept features turbojets, ramjets and a rocket engine. 

The turbojets would propel the aircraft at takeoff before giving way to the rocket engine, which would power the plane vertically, reaching supersonic speeds. Once the plane reached its desired altitude, the ramjets would kick in and propel the plane horizontally. 

Because the plane would be traveling vertically while achieving supersonic speeds, the resulting boom would be minimized. 

Keep in mind that passengers aboard the ultra-rapid aircraft would be traveling at these mind-boggling speeds while comfortably ensconced in hammock-style seats.

The below video produced by PatentYogi last month details the unique concept.

This summer's innovative design comes just months after Airbus unveiled the concept for its infamous flying saucer plane. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether either idea will come to fruition.

However it's safe to assume more air travelers are hoping for the ultra-rapid aircraft to pan out. 


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