Last updated: 12:02 PM ET, Fri November 01 2013

ARC Reports August Air Sales Rose Just Under 2 Percent

Airlines & Airports Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) James Shillinglaw September 16, 2013

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC), the financial settlement system between airlines and travel sellers, reported total sales for August were $7,026,828,838, up just 1.47 percent, while total sales year to date in August were $60,299,112,649 up 0.39 percent.

The airline fees portion of sales was $540,344,900, up 5.49 percent, while year to date fees were $4,791,210,603, up 8.53 percent. Taxes and non-airline fees were $725,357,58, up 1.57 percent, while year to date they were $6,251,862,244, up 1.15 percent.

Domestic fares in August were up 2.89 percent to $3,068,220,225, while year to date they were $25,317,609,511, down 1.51 percent. International fares were $2,587,993,475, down 1.31 percent, while year to date they were $23,108,077,272, up 0.38 percent. For August, ARC reported there were 13,273 accredited retail locations with average daily sales of $14,818.

Ticket transactions so far for 2013 decreased 1.19 percent over the same period in 2012 to 99.3 million. Year-to-date passenger segments increased 2.2 percent to 253.9 million compared to 248.4 million in the eight months of 2012 and 253.3 million in 2011.

James Shillinglaw