Last updated: 03:00 PM ET, Fri February 19 2016

Atlanta Airport Gives TSA Ultimatum to Improve or Get Out

Airlines & Airports Donald Wood February 19, 2016

Atlanta Airport Gives TSA Ultimatum to Improve or Get Out

PHOTO: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has issued an ultimatum to TSA. (Photo by Barry Williams/Getty Images)

After years of subpar service from the Transportation Security Administration, the general manager of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport has reportedly told the government agency to improve or the facility will get its own security.

According to, investigative reporter Aaron Diamant obtained a letter written by Hartsfield–Jackson general manager Miguel Southwell that claims the airport “struggled with TSA staffing shortfalls in 2015, and the airport is dreading the outcome of summer 2016.”

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Southwell also thanked TSA for adding seven percent more employees at the Atlanta airport, but acknowledged that it was not addressed quickly enough and didn’t properly account for the record-breaking numbers the facility saw in 2015.

With Diamant reporting that United States Senator Johnny Isakson is backing Southwell’s stance, the Hartsfield–Jackson general manager has given TSA officials 60 days to improve their performance at the airport or the facility will be forced to bring in its own private contractors to operate the security checkpoints.

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Officials at the Atlanta airport report they have done what they could to alleviate the pressure on TSA agents—including running campaigns for pre-check signups—but something has to change moving forward.

TSA did not respond to Diamant when asked about the report.