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Booking Late? You Can Still Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Airlines & Airports Janeen Christoff October 27, 2016

Booking Late? You Can Still Save on Thanksgiving Travel

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The time to book travel for Thanksgiving was a month or so ago, but if you are just making plans now, there are still a few ways to save money, says Fox News

“Tickets may not be cheap-- you likely won't find any last minute deals-- but you can at least shave a few bucks off your total,” says Rick Seaney. 

First, Seaney says, you shouldn’t wait any longer. 

“It’ll only get worse the longer you hold out,” he says. 

Sean also suggests comparison shopping. 

“Go to an airfare comparison site then open another window on your computer for; it’s the only airline that doesn’t share airfare data and you’ll need to know what they charge,” he says. 

You can also save by changing up your itinerary. 

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“Some of the cheapest itineraries include departures on Thanksgiving Day-- that may sound like a pain but if you fly early enough, you won’t miss the turkey,” says Seaney. 

If changing your itinerary doesn’t work, maybe try another airport that is a bit longer of a drive. 

“Bigger airports often have cheaper fares – often, not always – then if you are able to find a better deal farther away, add up the cost of parking, gas and fatigue due to a longer drive, to see if the difference in airfare is worth it,” he says. 

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