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Clear The Runway: The 10 Best Looking Airline Uniforms

Airlines & Airports | Gabe Zaldivar | August 15, 2016

Clear The Runway: The 10 Best Looking Airline Uniforms

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Southwest Airlines unveiled its new uniforms with none other than an in-flight fashion show.

We thought it was prudent to welcome the new style to the skies with equal flair, so we compiled some of the best looking uniforms in the industry – well, according to us anyway.

You will get to see the new Southwest unis within the list, which is the only spoiler we are going to offer at this time.

Now we know you, the knowledgeable and extremely stylish traveler, has opinions on the best uniforms through air travel. So feel free to slice up our rankings and offer your own thoughts through our social media channels.

But, for the moment, here is how we see things.

No. 10 - Lufthansa:

Close your eyes and imagine what a flight attendant looks like. Yep, that’s, well, that’s what they look like.

The airline employs a uniform that is nearly iconic to the industry and a great way to start the list.

No. 9 - Air New Zealand:

Normally we would ask that you calm down the pieces of flair – unless you can pull it off like this. You’ve been warned.

No. 8 - La Compagnie Boutique Airlines:

If you are going to fly only business class flights then you better look good. La Compagnie kicked in the figurative cabin door and declared that, yes, we make baby blue and scarves look good.

No. 7 - Southwest Airlines:

Granted, this isn’t love at first sight – we need to get to know these people first.

However, Southwest ditched its drab uniforms for something far more fashion forward and slick. Take a bow, Southwest.

No. 6 - Qantas:

The airline manages to brand itself in the subtlest way, which somehow yields an iconic look for its staff.

Go ahead and try to wear a spray of red and make it look this good. We dare you. Granted, that’s not an entirely dangerous dare.

No. 5 - Malaysia Airlines:

Thankfully, Malaysia Airlines offers a feast for the eyes with vibrant colors. Sadly, we don’t promise that style and panache make any airline’s in-flight meal taste better.

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No. 4 - Air France:

Always dapper. Always stylish. Air France staff amble about the cabin with such sophistication that you have no choice but to relax amid luxury.

No. 3 - Korean Air:

It’s almost like the attendants walk the cabin tossing out merriment and pure joy along with the in-flight beverages.

No. 2 - Virgin Atlantic:

This staff goes to work looking better than I do on my best day.

The three-piece suit has us wanting to almost flip the script and serve this swanky bunch.

No. 1 - Emirates:

The proverbial chicken dinner goes to this winner of an outfit.

While you might arrive to your destination via any airline a little exhausted, this staff can always be counted on to look absolutely elegant.


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