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Errant Goat Causes Flight To Delay Landing

Airlines & Airports Gabe Zaldivar October 19, 2016

Errant Goat Causes Flight To Delay Landing

  PHOTO: This is a photo of a goat – not the goat in question, but a goat nonetheless. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Sam Greenhalgh

It’s all fun and games until you have to make a 40-minute detour because there’s a goat on the runway.

The Telegraph has quite the yarn to offer this week – one that features an eagle-eyed pilot, a goat with a horrible sense of direction and an airport that really should ask its security force to take better care of their four-legged animals.

What might possibly be the craziest travel story this week takes place at Tribhuvan International Airport, also known as Kathmandu International Airport. 

According to the report, a Bhutan Airlines flight from Paro was making its approach when one of the pilots noticed there was a goat where he very much wanted to put a plane.

Rather than land with the confidence that the goat would get the idea and move along, the pilot decided to go into a holding pattern while staff on the ground coaxed the goat off the runway with whatever it is you use to coax goats off runways.

A 70-minute flight tacked on another 40 minutes of flight time as the goat was eventually convinced to continue its goat ways elsewhere.

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The report explains how an airport can experience sudden onset wildlife issues like this: “It is thought that the goat had escaped from the army battalion responsible for airport security, as it was spotted in a high-security area.”

The Telegraph points to The Himalayan Times that explains this particular airport has, at times, acted more like a menagerie.

The report states: “The country’s sole international airport operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has long been facing wildlife hazards involving monkeys, dogs, cows, buffalos, rats, rodents and cats. Such animals pose a serious threat to air safety, according to the airlines operators.”

We say get the monkeys and buffalos some brightly colored uniforms and put them to work taxiing the airplanes.