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Expert: Fly On This Date, Not That One

Airlines & Airports Rich Thomaselli February 12, 2014

Expert: Fly On This Date, Not That One

You already know there are certain days in which to fly that contribute to lower air fares – typically, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have less of a load factor.

You also already know there is a timing factor involved in purchasing your ticket – generally, Tuesday afternoons are the best day to buy but doing so within seven days of departure and you’ll pay a hefty premium.

But did you know that are certain ‘calendar dates’, or specific dates, in which to buy?

Travel expert Rick Seaney, who runs, has chosen four of them for travel this spring and summer that will make a big difference in price.

Those dates are:

APRIL 24 – Best for flying to the Caribbean. Seaney noted an almost $800 difference in flying from Chicago to San Juan on March 22 and waiting a month and going on April 24. One likely reason is mid-March is ripe for school – both college and secondary – spring breaks.

MAY 16 – Anything after this date and you’re walking a fine line in terms of the start of Europe’s summer travel season. Yes, we know, it’s like the summer movie season that actually starts before Memorial Day. Nonetheless, Seaney noted a New York to London fare for $1,100 that zooms $500 in price a week later.

JUNE 7 – For flights going coast to coast, Seaney suggests this date (or before) to save 10 to 15 percent.

AUGUST 23 – This marks the unofficial start of Europe’s fall season, and fall and winter are traditionally much cheaper to travel overseas than the obvious summer dates.

Seaney also noted that the best days to find the cheapest fares around the holidays are actually on the holidays themselves – Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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