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Help Us Find America's Top 100 Airports And Win a Canon Rebel and Barracuda Luggage!

Airlines & Airports Tim Wood October 21, 2016

Help Us Find America's Top 100 Airports And Win a Canon Rebel and Barracuda Luggage!

You've seen it often on TravelPulse. We are often complaining about the state of U.S. airlines and airports. And we know we are far from alone.

Social media has brought the cockroaches from out behind of the refrigerator, so to speak. Airlines get instant feedback about their customer efforts — or lack thereof, which is more often the case. 

The U.S. airport system has almost as many issues as the airlines. America is so glaringly behind most of our worldwide competitors in modernity, technology and innovation that the issue of U.S. airport infrastructure has become a top talking point in the 2016 Presidential election. To his credit, Donald Trump has been the candidate bringing the discussion to a larger audience.

As I mentioned in a previous column, we're working on a series of stories to try to get to the heart of why our airports are so antiquated and our funding so woefully behind the times. Elected officials repeatedly turn a blind eye to the issue, failing to fund airport fees to help fund airport innovation while airlines continue to dream up any possible fee to pad their profits.

But beyond that, we wanted to answer the base question: Is the state of U.S. airports as dire as Trump leads us to believe? 

We need your help in answering that question. If you're reading us, you're likely a fan of travel and have seen your fair share of U.S. airports. 

So, take the time to give us your views on as many airports as you've visited. We're asking for about 20 minutes of your time.  And for that effort, we're giving away a trio of great prizes to the readers that give us the most useful feedback.

One lucky responder will win a stylish Barracuda carry-on luggage system, valued at $350! This piece of innovative luggage is one of the most useful travel aids I have come across in a long time (look for the Gadget Guy review soon!). 

Take a look for yourself:

We're also giving away a Canon DSLR Rebel camera, valued at over $250, and a package of travel gadgets valued at more than $100.

All this for just filling out the survey linked below. So give us your best input by 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, Oct. 25. We'll announce winners when we launch our Top 100 Airports report in early November.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and get started on our 2016 Top U.S. Airports survey.