Last updated: 07:00 PM ET, Mon October 31 2016

JetBlue Just Made Business Classier With Hayward and Hopper

Airlines & Airports Gabe Zaldivar October 31, 2016

JetBlue Just Made Business Classier With Hayward and Hopper

PHOTO: JetBlue sprinkles the skies with Hayward and Hopper. (Photo courtesy Hayward and Hopper/BusinessWire)

Travelers enjoying business class on JetBlue flights already felt like the cool kids on the airplane, but now the airline has decided to sweeten the deal.

According to a press release, JetBlue has decided to move on from posh beauty purveyor Birchbox for hipster haven Hayward and Hopper.

Mint premium travelers will now have something swanky to freshen themselves up with during the flight while also receiving a carefully crafted tote that will most certainly festoon your carry-on for future flights well beyond your JetBlue experience.

As you will soon see, these are hardly kits you will toss aside and forget – rather finely designed bags you will treasure for many trips in the future.

This certainly beats the cramped neck and smell of your neighbor’s lunch with which you normally leave your respective flight. For the unfamiliar, this particular brand is the brainchild of Marin Hopper, who is the noted daughter of Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward.

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While many of us are fans of her parents’ work, it’s JetBlue’s service that fascinated Marin Hopper to work with the airline: “The moment I took my first JetBlue flight, I fell in love with the airline and I have been a big fan ever since. With the impeccable service, quality and spirit of the JetBlue Mint experience in mind, I've created kits with American-made products to delight customers and to add an extra-special layer of luxury that we all desire when traveling.”

To her credit, travelers would indeed equate JetBlue’s brand with comfort and elegance in the sky. To that end, we can see this partnership as the perfect complement to the Mint service.

Jamie Perry, vice president of marketing at JetBlue, echoes that sentiment: “We loved the Hayward and Hopper sense of New York sophistication and old Hollywood style – a nod to our launch cities that fell in love with Mint from the start. Every touch in Mint is thoughtfully considered, and we will continue to push the boundaries on premium travel by evolving Mint as we bring it to new cities in the months ahead.”

JetBlue’s blog has more information and images on what you can expect from the likes of Hayward and Hopper at your seats.

Each kit will have a Hollywood hat tip outside the pristinely crafted bags. You also get and eye mask and screen cloths that feature photographs taken by the man featured in such movies as “Easy Rider” and “Blue Velvet,” Dennis Hopper.

It’s easy to leave business class feeling more refreshed than when you entered the plane. But JetBlue is now offering a swanky brand that will have you feeling pristine, pampered and just about perfect.