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New Data Shows Which Countries Offer Cheapest Flights

Airlines & Airports | Josh Lew | September 08, 2016

New Data Shows Which Countries Offer Cheapest Flights

India has the cheapest flights according to Kiwi (photo via Wikimedia Commons) has published a ranking that it calls the Aviation Price Index. The list details how much it costs, on average, to fly both domestically and internationally in different countries. To make the list, the online travel agent looked at more than one million fares and then broke the price of flights down to “cost per 100 km.” 

The cheapest flights overall

India came out on top overall. The cost of a flight, when both domestic and international fares were averaged, is $3.25 per 100 km. 

India was also in the top spot for domestic flights. The country’s low cost carriers average $2.27 per 100 km of domestic travel, while full service airlines come in at $2.67.

The most expensive place to fly domestically: the UAE. Fares for flights within the Gulf state are just over $181 per 100 km. Of course, very few people fly domestically in the small country, so this figure has to be taken with a grain of salt. The busy hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have much more reasonable international fares: $9.80 and $11.28 per 100 km for low cost carriers and legacy carriers, respectively. 

Lowest international fares

The cheapest international flights are available in China. In the Middle Kingdom, fares per 100 km of international travel average $1.22 on low cost carriers. Malaysia also did well in this category, with Kuala Lumpur-based AirAsia helping the country average $2.11 per 100 km on international trips. 

Other places where it is cheap to fly domestically include Indonesia and Portugal, both of which have average low cost carrier fares of less than $5 per 100 km. 

Where to find low fares in Europe

Travelers flying through Europe can find reasonable international fares in Portugal, Sweden and Austria. These three countries all average under $5 per 100 km when figures from both low cost carriers and legacy carriers are combined. Italy, Greece and Bulgaria are also in the sub-$5 group. 

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How does North America stack up?

How did the United States stack up? Domestically, US-based low cost carriers charge $3.54 per 100 km and legacies come in at $4.82. International fares fall into a range between $12.84-$18.05. 

Flying from Canada is a bit more expensive. The country’s international fares are among the highest in the industry, coming in at $43.70 for LCCs and $94.66 for legacy carriers. 

What does this mean for fliers?

Because of the excellent train networks in parts of Continental Europe and in places like Japan and the UK, domestic fares might not be as important to travelers as they are in the United States or Australia. This lack of demand is reflected in the higher average fares in these places.  

For international fliers, however, the data collected by Kiwi could be useful because it could help them choose countries for connecting flights. Some countries could provide cheaper alternatives to the usual connection points. For example, instead of London, Amsterdam or Paris, fliers could check fares for flights that pass through Stockholm, Vienna or Lisbon. Transpacific travelers could likewise look for flights connecting in Mainland China or Malaysia instead of in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore.  

A complete ranking of the 75 countries studied for the Aviation Price Index is available here


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