Last updated: 05:00 PM ET, Thu November 10 2016

Presidential Election Spawns Spirit Airlines Canada Travel Sale

Airlines & Airports Gabe Zaldivar November 10, 2016

Presidential Election Spawns Spirit Airlines Canada Travel Sale

PHOTO: Escape north with Spirit’s sale. (Photo courtesy Twitter/Betsy Klein)

Wanna get away?

While a popular Southwest motto, it was Spirit Airlines that jumped on the mass exodus trend following Tuesday’s epically shocking presidential election which saw Donald Trump defeat would-be first female president Hillary Clinton.

As Mashable reports, deals from travel companies enticing travelers wanting to leave the country began hitting the Internet in earnest.

One such deal comes by way of Twitter:

Now the promotion doesn’t explicitly state the sale is to help those disgruntled voters get over their sudden depression over this week’s election results. However, the timing of the offer to escape north can’t be ignored.

As noted, there are other travel entities that are jumping on the exodus bandwagon, such as

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This week, TravelPulse reported that a polarizing election caused a massive storm of travelers searching for prospective flights out of the country. states in its blog: “Between 6 p.m.  and 8 a.m. ET (on election night) the jump was over 1000 percent compared to the average for the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays.”

Other airlines got into the discount party too, such as Ryanair, which is currently running a massive US Election Sale – offering those in Europe a chance to get in on the fun.

Airlines understand that this week millions of people were hit with a sudden uncontrollable urge to travel.

It doesn’t matter that some of it may be fueled from depression and worry. The point is that many are now looking into airline fares, so it’s the perfect time to throw one amazing sale.

Obviously, that means even those of you who are perfectly content with this week’s results have an opportunity to grab one heck of a deal. It’s that rare window when everybody wins, which is just what the doctor ordered this week.