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Qantas Lights Up The Night Sky With New Pajamas

Airlines & Airports Gabe Zaldivar November 07, 2016

Qantas Lights Up The Night Sky With New Pajamas

PHOTO: Qantas just unveiled its new super-comfy pajamas. (Photo courtesy Qantas)

Not that it was wanting of more luxurious confines, but Qantas found a stylish way to infuse its International flights with even more comfort.

The airline recently updated its logo and is now peppering its snazzy pajamas with the famed kangaroo image, via Qantas’ News Room.

The warming swag is available to the cool kids occupying its business class flights starting on November 7 with travel from Australia to the following cities around the world: Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, Hawaii, Santiago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Vancouver, Dubai and London.

With interest piqued, you can glimpse the new sleepwear in images above and below, highlighting airline wardrobe you wouldn’t dare mind donning off the plane as well.

(Photo courtesy Qantas)

Qantas Head of Customer Product & Service Development Phillip Capps echoes that sentiment about the airline’s sartorial sound fare: “There is no doubt that our Business class sleepwear is an important aspect of the overall customer experience. They’ve become part of the inflight dress code with about 95 per cent of people not only wearing them on board, but also taking them home.”

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As those who have taken Qantas across the wide expanse of the world know, the brand is known for its super comfortable pajamas.

Capps continues, “We introduced sleepwear in the late 1990s and with each design update throughout the years, we’ve made tweaks and adjustments to ensure they offer style and much needed comfort when you are laying in them for up to 15 hours.”

The wear has been updated with seams and drawstrings that complement attire that is simply perfect for when you want to kick your feet up on that double-digit hour excursion to another country.

Previously we covered a wide swath of airline nightwear that continues to pepper the twilight skies, from Singapore Airlines to Qantas. In this case, Qantas once again proves it knows its business when it comes to pajamas and remains a world leaders is snooze wear.