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Spirit Airlines Challenges New DOT Consumer Protection Rules

Airlines & Airports U.S. Department of Transportation June 17, 2011

Spirit Airlines is challenging several aspects of the recent Department of Transportation consumer protection rules, saying they will mean higher fares. Among the rules it’s challenging: the full fare rule, which requires airlines to show the full cost of a fare including taxes and airport fees. Spirit says that hides “enormous government tax burden on travel.”

It’s also protesting the new rule requiring airlines to let consumers cancel a flight without penalty within 24 hours of booking that flight. Several carriers do this already, but Spirit says that consumers will abuse this and the result will be higher ticket prices. Spirit also opposes the proposed price freeze for non-ticket services from the time of the initial purchase of a ticket by a customer, even though the customer has not yet purchased or paid for such services, a proposal that also will force airlines to increase fees to cover their business risk. For more information, visit