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The New Retro JetBlue Jet Is Simply Gorgeous

Airlines & Airports Gabe Zaldivar November 12, 2016

The New Retro JetBlue Jet Is Simply Gorgeous

PHOTO: JetBlue unveils it’s brand new “old” jet, and it’s amazing. (Photo courtesy JetBlue)

JetBlue dug deep and created something straight from the annals of Austin Powers.

JetBlue’s blog Out of The Blue introduces us all to the “What’s Old is Blue Again,” or, simply, the remarkable RetroJet.

It’s an actual plane conceived in 2016 but decorated in the colors and scheme of another era.

Essentially, it’s ripped from the 1960s and whatever groovy décor it had just hanging around in the ether.

Now we understand you want to file into this amazing airplane and fly to, well, just about anywhere and to just about any decade.

Thankfully, you can do just that. However, you will have to settle for the very specific confines of flying from New York’s JFK Airport to Palm Springs, California, in this particular decade in which we all live.

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The blog delves deeper into the design and what awaits passengers who are fortunate enough to take a ride in what is, in some regards, a full-fledged time machine.

The airline even promises “complimentary limited-edition amenity kits for all customers inflight.”

The following shows off not just the kit but the fashion the airline has created to whisk patrons back a few decades.

(Photo courtesy JetBlue)

The fully fleshed out idea took some creative power. In the end, JetBlue’s design team went the classic route: “For the aircraft design we took cues from what various airlines were doing at the time with paint schemes, notably TWA and Eastern.”

If you are sadly New York bound for the next couple of days, JetBlue is bringing Palm Springs to you.

The blog promises a Time Travel Agency pop-up at 138 Wooster in SoHo, which is where 2016 will suddenly give way to the groovy and mind-altering landscape that was the 1960s.

Yeah, baby.