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Travel Expert Unveils 16 Rules For Airline Travel

Airlines & Airports | Gabe Zaldivar | September 14, 2016

Travel Expert Unveils 16 Rules For Airline Travel

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Sadly, we don’t live in a travel utopia wherein every traveler acted as if the Golden Rule were a given through each stage of their respective trip. However, if more of us abided by sage wisdom like that from the following expert then we may all just get out of this thing called travel with our minds intact.

Ryan Holiday, business traveler and author of “Ego is the Enemy” and “The Obstacle Is The Way,” penned an extensive list of rules for airline passengers to heed as they wade through the various halls of airports around the world.

Holiday’s 16 rules, posted over at Thought Catalog, are unabashed, informative and quite entertaining.

The rules range from the more obvious, such as appreciating that not everyone wants to hear your choice of music blaring in their respective earholes to items like, “The middle of places is not a good place to stop.”

The latter is something you rarely see mentioned in these roundups of proper travel etiquette but it really seems to be the leading cause of distress for the more seasoned and savvy traveler.

This may very well be one of our favorites from the list. Yes, travel can be a daunting undertaking. And we know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stand in the middle of an airport walkway as you look down at your phone to gauge your next step, but there are droves of people who now have to swarm around you as if you were a boulder in the middle of a lively stream. Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, move to the side.

Other hilarious pleas include imploring all of us to stay clear of the allure that are those ubiquitous Cinnabon locations, leaving packed pillows to the kids and being fine with leaving your airport post.

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This had us chuckling: “A few months ago, a flight I was onto Geneva was repeatedly delayed for mechanical and then weather issues—first, for fifteen minutes before we were to board, then for an hour, then for two hours, then for another thirty minutes and then finally, cancelled altogether. I watched with amazement as we walked away in disgust for the final time that some passengers had never left their spots in the boarding queue the entire time. They stood and sat there for close to four hours. Voluntarily! The airline had repeatedly told them to leave and go get something to eat. They even gave us vouchers! The only animal that so willingly stands and stares so blankly—often to its own physical peril—are cows.”

The most polarizing of the 16 rules has to be the reclining of seats. As Holiday states, just because you could doesn’t mean you should.

After reading the entire list we had to sit back and imagine a world wherein everyone followed these simple tasks. It made us smile from the possibilities.


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