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Virgin Australia Flight Passes Over Awesome Morning Glory Clouds

Airlines & Airports Patrick Clarke January 13, 2017

Virgin Australia Flight Passes Over Awesome Morning Glory Clouds

 PHOTO: Looking out the window of a Virgin Australia flight at sunrise. (Photo via Flickr/Christopher Neugebauer)

Passengers aboard a recent Virgin Australia flight from Perth to Adelaide were unexpectedly treated to front row seats to a rare meteorological phenomenon.

Those lucky enough to be enjoying a window seat on Flight 714 were able to stare down at a series of Morning Glory clouds.

"It was very strange to see, roughly about 20 lines, and it took about 10 or so minutes to fly over," passenger Ilya Katsman told CNN. Katsman wisely photographed the clouds.

The well-formed horizontal clouds resemble waves in the ocean as they approach the shore and almost appear to be man-made. Morning Glory clouds can form in layers of air with different temperatures and humidity levels that allow for clean breaks in between the clouds.  

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"If these layers are at just the right combination of temperature and humidity, they can form clouds as the air rises at the waves' crests — and no clouds in between, where the air is sinking," said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

Fortunately, for those of us who weren't able to gaze at the one-of-a-kind clouds in person, Virgin Australia shared a stunning photo from up above.