Last updated: 02:00 PM ET, Sat October 22 2016

WATCH: President Obama Touts New Airline Regulations

Airlines & Airports Rich Thomaselli October 22, 2016

WATCH: President Obama Touts New Airline Regulations


PHOTO: President Obama delivering his weekly video address on Saturday. (Photo via YouTube)


Half-heartedly joking about how much he’ll miss flying on Air Force One when his second term ends in three months, President Obama on Saturday used his weekly video address to tout the recent DOT regulations aimed at helping airline passengers.

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"I’m going to be honest with you – one of the best parts of being president is having your own plane. And I’m going to miss it. A lot," Obama said. "Because up until I ran for this office, I was mostly flying coach. So I know what a pain the whole process can be – from searching for the best prices to that feeling you get when the baggage carousel stops and yours still hasn’t come out."

The Department of Transportation this week announced new rules for airlines with more transparency for its customers, including refunds for passengers whose bags are delayed.

“It’s another example of how government can be a force for good – standing up for consumers; ensuring businesses compete fairly to give you the best services at the best prices; and making sure everyday Americans have a voice in the conversation – not just corporate shareholders,” Obama said of the new regulations. “That’s what this is all about – taking steps, big and small, that can make your life a little bit better.”