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What Airline Routes Have The Most Delays?

Airlines & Airports | Rich Thomaselli | August 03, 2016

What Airline Routes Have The Most Delays?

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Nobody wants to be delayed when flying.

In fact, other than having a flight canceled outright, being delayed and not getting to your destination on time is an awfully close second when it comes to things that get on your nerves when traveling.

Much of that depends on the route you’re on, however, as travel data research firm WanderBat found out.

WanderBat took an extensive look at 100 of the most commonly flown routes in air travel to see which two cities ended up producing the flight with the worst on-time record.

Here are the bottom 10 and, trust us, you’re going to be surprised when you see it’s not always the usual suspects that arrive late.

(Here is the full list of all 100)

10) Sacramento, Calif./San Francisco, Calif. – Given the fact that the fact that this flight was, on average, 15.3 minutes late, it begs the question: Why fly anyway? By time you drive to the airport, wait at security and wait for the flight, you could have driven the 88 miles between the two cities.

9) West Palm Beach, Fla./Boston, Mass. – Flights on this route were an average of 15.4 minutes delayed. Not surprising, however. Logan Airport in Boston is extraordinarily busy, and West Palm has become a great alternative to many Floridians who don’t want to fly out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

8) Knoxville, Tenn./Dallas-Fort Worth, Tex. – Also 15.4 minutes late. Maybe the average was skewed by University of Tennessee football games.

7) Greensboro-High Point, N.C/New York, N.Y. – This seems like a strange one, especially since Greensboro-High Point doesn’t seem to have the dense traffic as other airports. Nonetheless, flights were, on average, 15.5 minutes delayed.

6) Houston, Tex./Los Angeles, Calif. – Again, not a surprise at 16 minutes late with almost 5,000 yearly flights between the two cities.

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5) Chicago, Ill./Denver, Colo. – Two big cities, yes, but also a little strange considering you’d expect the main occupant of this route – United Airlines – to have solid service between two of its nine hubs. Still, an average of 16 minutes late.

4) Richmond, Va./New York, N.Y. – This marks the second time New York City area has shown up on this bottom 10. This time it’s 16.7 minutes delayed between the two cities.

3) South Bend, Ind./Chicago, Ill. – We have no doubt that Notre Dame football home games in South Bend might have something to do with this route being an average of 17.2 minutes late.

2) Raleigh-Durham, N.C./New York, N.Y. – Third time for New York here, an average of 17.3 minutes late. Could it be all the big money financiers from New York headed to Research Triangle in Carolina?

1) Dallas-Fort Worth, Tex./Knoxville, Tenn. – Now, you just KNOW something is wrong when the same combo of cities shows up in the bottom 10 list, only in reverse going from Dallas to Knoxville this time. This route is an average of 17.4 minutes late.

WanderBat also produced a list of the top 10 most-traveled flight paths in the U.S. and, ironically, not a single one of those also made the list of most delayed flights. The most traveled flight path in the country is between Los Angeles International and San Francisco International, with nearly 30,000 flights annually.

That was followed by LAX-John F. Kennedy in New York; McCarran Airport in Las Vegas to JFK; Chicago O’Hare to New York LaGaurdia; JFK to SFO; Honolulu International to Kahalui, Hawaii; Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta to Orlando; Atlanta to LGA; and LAX to O’Hare.


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