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What Do Travelers Buy Most At Airports?

Airlines & Airports | Gabe Zaldivar | August 05, 2016

What Do Travelers Buy Most At Airports?

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Anecdotally, the most popular item purchased at an airport is a beer from the closest bar to my gate and a breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s.

Granted, those represent the items that I alone need to have to satisfy my thirst, placate my hunger and make my doctor proud. But you probably want a more universal glimpse at airport purchases.

Thankfully, CNN reports on Hudson Group and its Hudson News locations’ discovery of the most popular purchased items at its newsstands.

It’s a brief glimpse of what matters most to travelers scurrying from TSA to gate in that mad dash to get to their ultimate destination.

Is it a magazine filled with the latest gossip? Gum to guarantee their breath is fresh for the travel? A sweater emblazoned with the respective city from which they are flying? (Does anyone buy those?)

No, the answer seems to be water and water-related products.

Here is the top 10 via CNN:

1. Dasani bottled water (20 oz)

2. Glaceau Smartwater (20 oz)

3. Large Dasani (one liter)

4. Glaceau Smartwater (one liter)

5. Glaceau Smartwater (23.8 oz)

6. Diet Coke (20 oz)

7. Coca-Cola (20 oz)

8. M&M Peanut king-size

9. Coca-Cola Zero (20 oz)

10. The Wall Street Journal

Judging by the list, going through TSA is a thirst-inducing prospect. Or, it would seem, people forget they are one boarding process away from the free stuff.

In any case, hydration and little chocolate goodies seem to be the call of the day. As CNN notes, there are some other juicy tidbits to glean from Hudson Group’s study.

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As you can see, The Wall Street Journal is extremely popular for a quick plane read. But it’s also joined by the likes of the New York Post, New York Times and USA Today in purchase rates.

Wait, don’t most hotels offer USA Today for free? We need to have a serious talk on your spending habits, fellow travelers.

As for impromptu book buys, CNN reports the most popular were “Bossypants” by Tina Fey, “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle and “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Nowhere, unfortunately, does the report champion the joy that comes with downing a pint of beer, greedily chowing down on a sausage biscuit with egg and then ultimately sleeping on the ensuing flight.


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