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What to Eat and Avoid on an Airplane

Airlines & Airports | VANE Airport Magazine | August 16, 2016

What to Eat and Avoid on an Airplane

I travel fairly often, and even though some of the flights are relatively short, the time spent in the cab, checking in at the airport and going through security adds hours on to my travel time. This means that even though I’m traveling on a two-hour flight, at some point I’m probably going to need to eat during my time on the plane.

Eating on planes can be a touchy subject because you’re so close to other people, and if you bring something that invades their space, smell, or cleanliness, it’s a real no-no. I’ve been trying to be better at packing my own food for travel, because sometimes I just don’t have precious minutes or patience to spare, but a lot of the time I manage to find some great stuff at the airport.

Here are my top do’s and don’ts for in-flight eating:

Do: Bring cut vegetables and mini cucumbers. Most vegetables are packed with water, so they will keep you hydrated. They also aren’t messy and need very little prep. Throw some in a Ziploc or find them at the airport.

Do: Bring a thick dip that won’t spill. Dipping your vegetables in a dip like hummus or another bean dip will give them more flavor (the altitude destroys your taste buds while you’re flying) and add a bit of protein and fiber to the mix.

Don’t: Bring smelly foods. Even though you might be craving pizza or a corned beef sandwich, no one wants to smell your lunch. Gross.

Do: Bring an easy meal, like a sandwich with sharp cheddar, tomato and avocado on Ezekiel bread. Neat and un-smelly, and full of nutrients, this is my go-to sandwich for flights.

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Don’t: Bring messy fruits. Oranges on airplanes are a disaster, unless they’re the little clementines.  The juice from cut fruit like pineapple can leak all over your carry-on and stickify everything in sight. Anything you need to use a napkin to tame isn’t your friend on the flight. Fruits like apples, pears, peaches and grapes are better. Don’t avoid fruits though; they’re full of water to help hydrate you.


Happy travels!

Abby Langer

Registered Dietican, Brand Ambassador, Consultant,

This blog originally appeared on Vane's website.


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