Last updated: 03:00 PM ET, Thu January 14 2016

Here Is Everything You Wanted To Know About In-Flight Wi-Fi

Business Travel Gabe Zaldivar January 14, 2016

Here Is Everything You Wanted To Know About In-Flight Wi-Fi

Image via Icelandair

Wi-Fi, that near ubiquitous pool of information we sip at when at home is just so hard to find when we step aboard our airplane of choice.

Icelandair offers the following graphic that is replete with information for those travelers, business and otherwise, who are interested in getting a refresher on the ins and outs of in-flight Wi-Fi.

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We get a brief breakdown of where we are as far as expectations and where the various airlines are as far as meeting those expectations for in-flight Wi-Fi.

And there is even a brief and graphical explanation of how the technology works and why it may be bogged down at times (or always).

Some interesting takeaways before we plunge into the image: A U.S. study showed that a whopping 60 percent of people can’t go just one day without Wi-Fi; 97 percent of airline passengers have some form of personal electronic device; and 45 percent are willing to go through the agony of TSA screening twice if that meant better more efficient Wi-Fi.

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It’s clear from the data that access to the very world roaming far below our respective airplanes is an increasingly essential amenity for travelers.

Here is an image that illustrates where exactly we are as an industry as far as getting that wonderful Wi-Fi up in the great blue sky.  

Image via Icelandair