Last updated: 10:00 AM ET, Tue January 19 2016

How Millennials Are Changing Business Travel

Business Travel Gabe Zaldivar January 19, 2016

How Millennials Are Changing Business Travel

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Welp, you can go ahead and blame millennials for the sudden lack of desks in hotel rooms.

That is just one of the few items discovered by NBC News, which received word on the evolving travel industry with Jeanenne Tornatore who is the senior editor of

As Tornatore offers in the following video, “millennial business travelers have money to spend, but they’re not brand loyal.”

“And they are looking for an authentic experience, more technology driven experience when they’re staying at hotels,” the senior editor continued.

The following video is a snapshot of what a sudden influx of a younger generation into the business travel industry means:

The most intriguing aspect of the report is that millennials enjoy something called “bleisure” travel.

Essentially, they are attempting to fit pleasure into that business trip, perhaps fitting in a day for themselves during a weeklong conference in whatever city they find themselves.

It’s essentially the reason we see so much value in something like our ongoing series Business Casual, articles aimed at that very practice. 

As TravelPulse’s Donald Wood found in an October study, “millennials are almost twice as likely to have the desire to travel for work as the Baby Boomer generation, totaling 45 percent to 26 percent, respectively.”

From merely stepping out of their hotel room to do work at the coffee shop to volunteering to take that trip away from their home for a few days, business travel is quickly being dominated by millennials.

The industry, it seems, will never be the same.