Last updated: 08:00 PM ET, Wed February 18 2015

POLL: Business Travelers Concerned about Travel to Middle East

Business Travel David Cogswell February 18, 2015

POLL: Business Travelers Concerned about Travel to Middle East

PHOTO: Eighty percent of business travelers polled expressed concern about travel to Egypt. (Photo by David Cogswell)

GroundLink, a car service provider, conducted a poll of 780 travel planners about what business issues most troubled them and found that increasing incidents of terrorism around the world are causing concerns about traveling to Middle Eastern destinations.

Faring the worst in the poll was Egypt. Forty percent of those polled said they were "very concerned" about travel to Egypt, and another 40 claimed to be "somewhat" concerned. Only 20 percent checked "not concerned at all."

In regard to Turkey, 20 percent were "very concerned" and 50 percent were "somewhat concerned," leaving only 30 percent who were not concerned.

For Israel, 10 percent were "very concerned," 60 percent were "somewhat" concerned and 30 percent not concerned.

When it comes to Dubai, only 20 percent were very concerned, 30 percent were somewhat concerned and 50 percent not concerned at all.

In regard to France, Belgium and Germany, no one in the poll was "very" concerned. Thirty percent were "somewhat" concerned with France and only 10 percent were "somewhat" concerned about Belgium and Germany.

Travel managers in the poll said the most frequently heard complaint in recent times was of delayed or canceled flights, about which 44 percent of those surveyed mentioned concerns.