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Smart Advice for the Business Traveler

Business Travel Janeen Christoff November 10, 2016

Smart Advice for the Business Traveler

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Are you a part of the glamorous world of business travel but are finding less than glamorous? Many people find the idea of business travel to be a nice respite from the day-to-day office job but, for those who do it frequently, it takes a toll, Forbes reports

“Life working in a global business is characterized by constant switching between time zones, information exchange and lots of travel. Yet despite the glamorous image that comes to mind when we think of jet-setting business travelers, the reality is anything but: sleep deprivation, added stress and illness are all common pitfalls of frequent travel,” writes professor Sebastian Reiche. 

One of the ways to combat these pitfalls is to impose time limits on your day. 

“In a vibrant global environment, employees are often expected to be available 24/7, participate in early morning or late night conference calls, and travel for their business meetings outside of their working hours,” says Reiche. 

He recommends having mandatory vacation days and email and phone call blackout times. 

Reiche also suggests that companies consider travel times as well as time zones. 

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Companies can also help employees by arming them with smart tech such as sleep management devices or access to nap pods. 

Business travel can be stressful for employees and having these added benefits can make workdays on the road more productive. For more business travel advice, read on here.