Last updated: 01:45 PM ET, Sat February 20 2016

Amtrak Announces It Will Allow Pets on Most Trains

Car Rental & Rail Amy Coyne Bredeson February 20, 2016

Amtrak Announces It Will Allow Pets on Most Trains

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

After a successful four-month trial of allowing pets aboard its trains along the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has decided to permit the creatures on almost all of its trains, Road Warrior Voices reported. 

After Rep. Jeff Denham of California realized the law would not allow him to bring his dog on an Amtrak train, he pushed for change, according to Road Warrior Voices.

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What resulted was The Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act, which permits the railroad service to designate at least one car on each train for passengers with pets, Road Warrior Voices reported.

Passengers are allowed to bring one pet each, and it cannot weigh more than 20 pounds with its carrier, Road Warrior Voices said. The cost is $25 a pet, and the animal must stay in its carrier the whole trip.

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Licensed service animals will not face restrictions and will continue to ride for free.

Over the four-month trial period, 2,700 animals rode on Amtrak without incident, Road Warrior Voices said.