Last updated: 05:00 AM ET, Fri July 29 2016

Department of Transportation Announces $55 Million for Clean Bus Program

Car Rental & Rail U.S. Department of Transportation Michael Schottey July 29, 2016

Department of Transportation Announces $55 Million for Clean Bus Program

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The people behind the bus shouldn’t go “cough, cough, cough” any longer.

The United States Department of Transportation unveiled the recipients of a massive grant of $55 million to help deploy clean bus technology to various cities around the country. The grants will allow transit departments to utilize clean fuel technologies and reinvigorate stale public transportation programs.

The areas that will be receiving new buses are: Santa Clara, CA, Miami-Dade County in Florida and Park City, Utah. In a release sent about the grants, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx had the following to say:

“The Obama Administration continues to invest in clean transportation infrastructure, and our Low-No program is putting more American-made, energy-efficient buses into service across the country. By placing more modernized, non-polluting buses on the roads, we are improving the rider experience and continuing to extend ladders of opportunity to people who take public transportation every day.”

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The program is run through the Federal Transit Administration and focuses on helping local public transportation programs acquire the newest and most efficient technologies and supplying those departments with U.S.-made buses that will both keep the air clean as well as improve the experience both of those riding the bus and of those sharing the road. 

The grants this year will provide a variety of benefits including new buses, charging stations, maintenance facility upgrades and training with the new technology.