Last updated: 02:09 PM ET, Mon October 31 2016

WATCH: Virgin Trains' Cheeky New Ad Campaign

Car Rental & Rail Rich Thomaselli October 31, 2016

WATCH: Virgin Trains' Cheeky New Ad Campaign

PHOTO via YouTube.

Leave it to the Virgin brand to come up with an innovative way to push its Virgin Train service in the United Kingdom, with a pair of new commercials that initially hint at something entirely different.

Entirely. Different.

In two new spots being run on social media, couples are interviewed and they appear to be speaking about their …. well, about their sex lives, and not in very complimentary terms, either.

It is not explicit at all, and that’s what makes the commercials so great – about how our use of language can be interpreted in any number of ways, especially when saying such things as “Once or twice a month” and “When it's over, I'm exhausted and a bit clammy” and “Then I go it alone fairly regularly but I prefer it together.”


As it turns out, the couples are not describing their intimate lives together but rather the downside to air travel and driving, as opposed to taking the train.

It’s cheeky humor – what would expect from the Brits? – and a lot of fun.

Here are the two spots.