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Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Car Rental & Rail Enterprise Rent-A-Car Lisa Iannucci September 21, 2016

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

PHOTO: You can actually buy one of these instead of renting! (Photo courtesy Enterprise Holdings)

When you need a car while you’re on the road, you rent one, but what if you need a car for everyday living or long-term traveling?

Buying or leasing a car from your neighborhood car dealership isn’t the only option. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has an entire division just dedicated to selling used cars.

Enterprise has actually been selling used vehicles since 1962, with a total of more than one million cars sold to date. Over the past few years, the Enterprise Car Sales division has grown to more than 130 locations across the country. These facilities include Scottsdale, Tucson, and Peoria, Arizona and earlier this year, Enterprise Car Sales opened new dealerships in Marlow Heights, Maryland; Ventura, California; and Chicago, Illinois. 

Today, buyers can choose from more than 250 high-quality, late-model used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that come their fleet of more than one million vehicles. Enterprise Car Sales even has high-end exotic vehicles, from such companies as BMW, Audi, and Cadillac.

Buying a car is a big investment, but there are several benefits to buying a used car over a new one. First, buying anything when it’s brand new and shiny is extremely attractive of course, but as soon as a brand new car is driven off the lot it’s no longer new and its value depreciates significantly. While most vehicles depreciate by 15 to 20 percent of their value each year, driving it off the lot immediately reduces the value by up to 15 percent and you haven’t even gotten it home and parked it in your garage yet. As a result, buying a used car also will save you money. 

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If it’s reliability that you’re looking for, buying a used car doesn’t mean you’re buying an undependable lemon. Quite the opposite. The typical rental car for sale at Enterprise Car Sales is only one to two years old and Enterprise Car Sales puts the used cars through a 109-point inspection conducted by an ASE-certified technician.

Any used car that you are interested in purchasing also comes with a seven-day/1,000-mile repurchase policy and a free CARFAX® Vehicle History Report. This is a valuable report as it tells the potential owner how many previous owners there have been and the number and type of accidents the car has had. Enterprise Car Sales used leased vehicles often have less than 40,000 miles when they are put up for sale and The Carfax report also validates the mileage of the vehicle. Armed with this information, you can make an educated decision on the best car for you.

Enterprise Car Sales also has several financing options for those who are interested, including a program for students who are scheduled to graduate within the next six months, or have graduated in the past three years; receive an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree; and attend an accredited two-or-four year U.S. college, graduate school (including doctorate), or nursing school.

Buying a car can be a very confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. You’re not limited to buying directly from a dealer when Enterprise Car Sales can just as easily help you to buy a reliable, safe used car and get you on the road.