Last updated: 01:41 PM ET, Mon November 07 2016

Zipcar Offering Free Rides to Voters on Election Day

Car Rental & Rail Donald Wood November 07, 2016

Zipcar Offering Free Rides to Voters on Election Day

Photo: Free Zipcars to encourage members to #DRIVEtheVOTE. (Courtesy of Zipcar)

Car-sharing network Zipcar has announced that over 7,000 vehicles across the United States will be made available free-of-charge to members for use on election night as part of the company’s effort to encourage people to vote.

Zipcar announced that the vehicles will be available from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time on Nov. 8 in all markets in which the car-sharing network operates. Reservations are now open for members looking to rent during the select evening hours.

With many Americans looking to vote in the last few hours of Election Day, Zipcar is attempting to ensure people have free, easy access to transportation. For voters who are not Zipcar members, they can join the car-sharing network via the Zipcar mobile app.

“At Zipcar, we know our community of Zipsters are actively engaged in civic affairs and passionate about issues, but may also need quick and easy access to transportation in order to vote,” Zipcar vice president Andrew Daley said in a statement. “We decided to do our part to #DRIVEtheVOTE by making cars free. Regardless of political affiliation or sentiment, we believe that voting is a civic duty, and we want to ensure that access to transportation isn't a barrier to casting a ballot.”

As part of the #DRIVEtheVOTE efforts, Zipcar is encourages all of its members to vote this year, including the Generation Z and Millennial customers on the over 500 college and university campuses the network serves.

For those looking to take advantage of the #DRIVEtheVOTE promotion, check out the official website of Zipcar and car-sharing network’s mobile app.