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AmaWaterways Looks to Agents to Increase Business

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship AmaWaterways Bobbi Dempsey December 01, 2016

AmaWaterways Looks to Agents to Increase Business

PHOTO courtesy AmaWaterways

AmaWaterways is contemplating plans for an exciting new excursions in the near future.

The destination?

Exotic India.

The company’s co-founder recently revealed those discussions while speaking about the assortment of new ventures and offerings they have in the planning stages.

AmaWaterways president Rudi Schreiner is enthusiastic about the potential that new or expanded territories and itineraries can hold, both for the company and for its customers. Schreiner specifically cited an interest in developing an 11-night Kolkata to Patna voyage. The route he is envisioning along the Ganges would be much more appealing and rewarding to passengers than the typical route commonly offered by cruise providers at the moment.

Citing locales such as Patna and Varanasi, Schreiner put the focus on destinations that were a bit off the beaten path and would provide the promise of a more exotic and unique journey. These destinations would be largely concentrated in the upper northeast section of the country, in relatively close proximity to the Himalayas.

Schreiner estimated that the first voyage to that region could probably take place in late 2018 or early 2019. This venture to establish a cruise-providing presence in India is part of a major expansion plan that also encompasses a huge increase in the focus on the United Kingdom. The company’s focus is also on less well-known or less commonly traveled rivers, instead of ocean voyages. To boost its current fleet of 21 river vessels, the company plans to add two new ships each year for the next two years.

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Of course, making such big things a reality and achieving these types of ambitious goals won’t be an easy feat. It takes a team effort supported by a lot of dedicated people. In this case, AmaWaterways will rely heavily on the support and assistance of their travel agent partners.

Those agents will play a pivotal role in helping to nurture and maintain business in these new territories. As the representatives who generally have the most direct interaction with guests, agents will be a valuable asset in educating potential travelers about the new offerings AmaWaterways has added and will be adding. This will be particularly important in regions where travelers may not have much familiarity with the cruise line, and haven’t had a chance to experience one of its unforgettable voyages.

As with many travel provider organizations, agents serve as the backbone of the operation. They can function as sort of brand ambassadors, detailing all of the many impressive qualities that set AmaWaterways and its luxury cruises apart from the rest. They can also help create anticipation about the upcoming offerings even before they are officially available for booking.

This kind of advance buzz can be a huge advantage, and can also help travelers get excited about the prospect of going on one of these trips. For those who may not have in-depth knowledge about the region, agents can also help educate them about the most popular or intriguing highlights, pointing out the most amazing or unusual things they can see and do along this route.

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