Last updated: 03:43 PM ET, Wed September 21 2016

Fathom Announces Three New Shore Excursions in Cuba

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Donald Wood September 21, 2016

Fathom Announces Three New Shore Excursions in Cuba

Photo: Fathom Enters Cuba. (Photo courtesy of Fathom)

On Wednesday, the Carnival Corporation’s Fathom cruise line announced the addition of three new shore excursions for its week-long cruise vacations in Cuba.

In addition to the new shore excursions, Fathom also recently announced two new sailing dates to Cuba on Oct. 9 and Nov. 6 as a result of the high demand from the only cruise line in the United States permitted to sail to Cuba.

Starting with the Sept. 18 sailing on Fathom’s MV Adonia cruise ship, passengers will be able to enjoy the new shore excursions, which include exploring Ernest Hemingway’s presence in Cuba, exploring the countryside and a journey to Santiago de Cuba.

“One of the beautiful things about traveling to Cuba with Fathom is that travelers spend less time planning and more time playing,” Fathom President Tara Russell said in a statement. “Our guests quickly learn they want to cherish every single minute they spend in Cuba and discover what makes the island such a special place. We have experienced very high demand from travelers wanting to go on an adventure to Cuba with the comfort, convenience and peace of mind that comes with traveling with Fathom. The word is spreading: Going on a cruise with Fathom to Cuba is the best way to visit Cuba.”

The first shore excursion making waves in the travel community is “In Hemingway’s Footsteps,” a five-hour trip through the streets of Havana. Guests will visit the famed author’s home, his favorite watering holes and hangouts, including the village of Cojimar which inspired some of his most well-known works. The price for this excursion is $59 per person.

Another activity drawing interest is “Beyond Havana: Exploring the Cuban Countryside.” The nine-hour trip will take guests beyond the popular cities and into the rural countryside where they will sip coffee at Las Terrazas. The price for this excursion is $69 per person.

The third shore excursion Fathom added has been dubbed “Magic of Santiago Featuring El Cobre,” and it lasts six hours. Passengers will be taken on a guided tour through the country’s former capital Santiago de Cuba, where they will be immersed in revolution, rum, religion and salsa. The price for this excursion is $69 per person.

For more information on Fathom’s new shore excursions, check out the cruise line’s official website.