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It’s Antarctica Season For Silversea Cruises

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Silversea Cruises Bobbi Dempsey December 01, 2016

It’s Antarctica Season For Silversea Cruises

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For a travel destination that offers the ultimate in amazing adventure and breathtaking vistas, it is hard to top Antarctica. This place manages to be a unique combination: a locale with unrivaled beauty and natural wonders that has been largely undiscovered and untouched by the touring public.

Known as “the last continent,” Antarctica has been a destination off-limits to all but a special few, which in the past mainly consisted of researchers, scientists and extreme adventure buffs.

However, that is no longer necessarily the case. Travelers who yearn to explore new horizons and venture into regions that are way off the beaten path—and not swarmed with tourists—will be thrilled to know that they can now book a trip to this snowy wonderland.

Silversea Cruises has now made Antarctica more accessible to the public. And who says you have to rough it when exploring a faraway, mostly undisturbed land? Silversea's luxury Antarctica cruises let you tour the region in style. You will relax in plush accomodations while having an enviable vantage point from which to enjoy these incredible scenes.

Silversea currently has 32 different Antarctica cruise options available for you to consider, with departure dates running all the way until December 2018. The cruises range from 10 to 23 days in length, so you have plenty of options and can choose the one that works best for your schedule, budget, thirst for adventure, or tolerance for cold weather environments.

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This is a rare opportunity to visit the planet’s most mysterious and mythical continent, and also the one that is the least visited. That puts you among some elite and fortunate company. You will definitely have some vacations stories and photos that will stand out and captivate all of your friends.

Get a close-up look at some of Mother Nature’s most awe-inspiring works of art, from icebergs to glaciers. You will also to get to observe many species of exotic wildlife in their natural habitat. This takes whale watching to the extreme! Where else would you have the chance to watch polar bears frolic on chunks of floating ice, or be entertained by the antics of penguins? 

As with any Silversea cruise, you can expect the absolute best in personalized service. The company is proud to have the best crew-to-guest ratio in expedition cruising, with butler service in every suite and stateroom. Your trip also includes beverages in-suite and throughout the ship – select wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees and soft drinks are included, plus you will enjoy your own tailored mini-bar.

Joining you on the voyage will be a carefully assembled expedition team, consisting of historians, geologists, naturalists and other experts from a range of fields, who will present daily lectures and workshops to help educate you about all of the surroundings you will see, and the history of the region.

This adventurous expedition is unlike any trip you have ever experienced, and will likely exceed anything you could even envision in your wildest dreams. You will feel like you have been transported into the real-life set of an action film or a nature documentary.

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