Last updated: 02:00 PM ET, Mon November 28 2016

Oceanwide Expeditions Announces Construction of New Hondius Ship

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Donald Wood November 28, 2016

Oceanwide Expeditions Announces Construction of New Hondius Ship

Photo: Oceanwide's new advanced Polar vessel Hondius. (Courtesy of Oceanwide Expeditions)

On Friday, Oceanwide Expeditions announced that the company has commissioned the construction of an innovative 180-passenger vessel dubbed the Hondius.

The Hondius will be the strongest ice-strengthened vessel in the Polar Regions, and is being built by Brodosplit in Croatia. The ship will be available to customers in 2019.

The design of the Hondius was developed in order to support and serve Oceanwide's exploratory programs and activity-based shore excursions in the Arctic and Antarctica. The ship will be rated Polar Class 6, and will feature two separate gangways, an indoor platform, bow and stern thrusters, an observation lounge, a separate lecture room and more.

“We currently sail with our ice-strengthened 116-passenger vessels Plancius and Ortelius, and the Hondius will give us the opportunity to accommodate more travelers, to grow as a company, and to offer new, innovative products in the Polar regions,” Oceanwide Expeditions CEO Michel van Gessel said in a statement. “The name Hondius follows our custom to name our ships for celebrated Dutch-Flemish cartographers who continue to inspire us as we carry on their passion for exploration and discovery.”

As for the size of the ship, the Hondius will measure 350 feet long and have a breadth of 58 feet. It will be propelled by two main engines for a total of 4,200 kW, generating a speed of 15 knots.

The accommodations on the vessel will feature a variety of cabin categories, including one spacious suite, six suites with balcony, eight superior cabins with balcony, 19 twin deluxe cabins, 14 twin-window cabins, 31 twin porthole cabins, 2 triple porthole cabins and 4 quadruple porthole cabins.

In addition, the activities which passengers can enjoy while on a voyage include camping, kayaking, shore excursions including snowshoeing, mountaineering, zodiac cruises, scuba diving and a photography workshop.