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Royal Caribbean Just Rewarded This Unbelievable Act With A Free Trip

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship | Royal Caribbean International | Gabe Zaldivar | July 07, 2016

Royal Caribbean Just Rewarded This Unbelievable Act With A Free Trip

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To call returning more than $187,000 a nice gesture might be selling the act a little short. However, the offer from Royal Caribbean might be more in keeping with a grand hat tip to true honesty.

The Boston Globe’s Nestor Ramos reports on how things are going for Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland.

For those not familiar, MacCausland is the Boston area cab driver who recently discovered that a fare had left a reported $187,786.75 in the back of his car.

For some – not any of you honest readers, obviously – this would have been a banner day for the personal bank account.

Instead, the cab driver went right to police officials with the loot, which meant the man whom the money belonged to was reunited with his haul.

That one simple but wholly notable act has now earned the cab driver and his girlfriend, Sharon King, a seven-day cruise from Royal Caribbean that leaves from Fort Lauderdale. And yes, even the airfare has been covered.  

As the report spells out, the act of returning the money has earned MacCausland notoriety in the form of TV interviews, a possible police commendation and a GoFundMe page started by King’s son.

And as the report states, MacCausland could certainly use the money. He reportedly works on weekends despite being semi-retired, which is a way to help complement his social security income.

So when a man left a bag with a bunch of cash in his cab, it would have been understandable – however wrong – to pocket the loot and call it a day.

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MacCausland tells the Globe: “That would have been life-changing. We could have traveled around the world.”

That cash, however, wasn’t his. It was an unidentified person’s who is dealing with drug addiction recovery and the loss of their parents – that latter garnered the inheritance sum in question.

Now that person has their money and MacCausland has the necessary accolades, which includes voyage on, according to The Globe, “Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas ship, to destinations in Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti or the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten, depending on the trip.”

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson explains to the publication, “We’re currently running a program called ‘Ticket to Adventure,’ where we reward people that do exceptionally selfless acts, and Buzzy certainly qualifies.”

Returning cash and being generally good in your daily activities should be reward enough. But Royal Caribbean offers extra incentive to those interested in going above and beyond to their fellow man or woman.


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