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TravelPulse Radio: Cruise Editor Jason Leppert on the Short-Lived Fathom Brand

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Patrick Clarke November 29, 2016

TravelPulse Radio: Cruise Editor Jason Leppert on the Short-Lived Fathom Brand

PHOTO: Fathom Adonia in Havana, Cuba. (Photo by Jason Leppert) 

Carnival Corp. made waves ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday with news that its recently-launched social impact cruise line Fathom would be ceasing operations by summer 2017.

While the cruise giant had announced less than one month earlier that it would expand Fathom's social impact shore excursions to six other brands, the news still came as quite as a surprise. To make sense of Carnival's decision and to examine what's next, TravelPulse Radio co-hosts Tim Wood and Barry Kaufman brought on TravelPulse's senior cruise editor Jason Leppert in the latest installment.

"I think that over time they came to realize that it wasn't quite as financially feasible to have a ship going every other week to the Dominican Republic on a volunteer basis," said Leppert. "But there's still definitely interest in it and having it now be a software opportunity at least capitalizes on that to some degree."

Looking ahead, Leppert actually sees Fathom's passing as an opportunity for Carnival and the social impact concept.

"It gives them the opportunity to expand beyond the Dominican Republic," he added. "Now, with an international fleet that's going everywhere essentially you can now tap into these other areas that need assistance."

Leppert and the co-hosts also talk about their experiences on Fathom cruises and dive into some of the conspiracy theories that have emerged.

You can listen to the entire interview with Leppert (starting at the 6:45 mark) and Episode 8 of TravelPulse Radio in its entirety below.

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