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TravelPulse Radio Goes Into Cruise Mode With Doug Parker

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TravelPulse Radio Goes Into Cruise Mode With Doug Parker

PHOTO: Doug Parker jumps for joy in front of Carnival Vista. (Photo courtesy Twitter/Doug Parker)

TravelPulse Radio once again illustrated its value by bringing on another expert in the travel industry.

Doug Parker is a name many cruise enthusiasts know and know well. For the uninitiated, Parker is the founder and host of the Cruise Radio Podcast Network.

Thankfully, Parker dropped by to offer some words of wisdom from that particular section of the travel industry.

TravelPulse editor-in-chief and show host, Tim Wood, goes into a brief introduction on how he met Parker at about the 58-minute mark. But if you are the sort who likes to jump on in, head to about one hour and 42 seconds into the show.

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This particular episode was recorded during Hurricane Matthew, which hit the nation’s southeastern region.

As you would imagine, the conversation starts with hurricane tips and suggestions to limit the kind of pain and anguish that arises with an oncoming storm.

Parker’s biggest advice is, “always buy travel insurance.” And he continues with that line of thinking, stating that really insurance will cost you about four percent of your trip, so it’s something he believes really should be a part of your predicted budget.

The two then meander over to talk about the world of cross branding, which has welcomed such pairings as Carnival and Guy Fieri as well as Holland America working with “America’s Test Kitchen.”

Parker puts on his soothsayer hat and predicts these kinds of partnerships will continue to hit cruise lines around the world based solely on the immense success they have already enjoyed.

You can rest assured that you will get your Guy Fieri gut bombs and delectable wine tastings going forward.

The two also discuss the merits of Caribbean versus European travel before delving into Parker’s personal journey into the podcast industry.

It’s a wonderfully insightful discussion that will leave you invigorated to leap wholeheartedly into the cruise world.

As Parker states, here are the various links where you can find his work: River Cruise Radio; Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; Snapchat and Pinterest.