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TravelPulse Radio Recap: Senior Cruise Editor Jason Leppert

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TravelPulse Radio Recap: Senior Cruise Editor Jason Leppert

Photo: A Princess Cruise ship in Sydney Harbor. (Courtesy of Princess Cruises)

The cruise industry is one of the biggest aspects of tourism in the world, but not everybody is a fan of traveling the world by sea.

On the second episode of TravelPulse Radio,’s Senior Cruise Editor Jason Leppert took on the challenge of trying to get Managing Editor Barry Kaufman to fall in love with cruising.

Kaufman has taken part in two cruises during his career, but is not the biggest fan of traveling via ship. On the other hand, Leppert has been part of over 100 cruises during his life and knows the ins and outs of the industry like few others.

“There really is a cruise for everyone,” Leppert said. “You can go anywhere in the world, whether that be on an ocean, down a river or to some of the more exotic locations with an expedition cruise. You can unpack once, get fully situated in your cabin and just enjoy the rest of the cruise.”

In addition, Leppert spoke about the concerns regarding norovirus stories and seasickness, saying that those issues are not worth worrying about for most travelers. As for other problems critics have spoken about, including the feeling of being overcrowded on the ship, Leppert spoke candidly against the notions.

“There is something called passenger-space ratio, and that tells much space there is on any given ship per individual passenger,” Leppert said. “The larger ships are a little tighter, but there are luxury lines and premium lines that typically have more space per passenger.”

You can listen to the interview starting at the 42:38 mark and the entire second episode of TravelPulse Radio below: