Last updated: 11:18 AM ET, Wed March 19 2014

Venice Ship Weight Limit Ban Suspended, Hearing Set for June 12

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Celebrity Cruises Tim Wood March 19, 2014

Venice Ship Weight Limit Ban Suspended, Hearing Set for June 12

PHOTO: The Celebrity Constellation was moved to the Venice-based itineraries to comply with the new weight limits through the Venice canal.

Weight just a minute.

Yesterday, we reported that Celebrity Cruises had to swap in the lighter-weight ald lower capacity Constellation ship on their Venice-based itineraries due to a weight restriction in Venice's Giudecca Canal.

Now, an Italian regional court has suspended the order that caused Celebrity to move their Silhouette, a 2011 build and heavier ship at 122,400 gross tons, to the company's Baltic, Scandanavia and U.K. itineraries.

The lifting of the ban came after an appeal was filed by the port (Venezia Terminal Passeggeri), several port businesses and a cruise line operators committee.

The order called for a weight limit of 96,000 gross tons passing through the canal on way to the port's cruise docks. The Constellation meets that requirement at 91,000 gross tons but will mean less passengers traveling the Venice itineraries. The Silhouette has a 2,886-person capacity as opposed to 2,170 for the Constellation.

According to the Italian newspaper Gazetta del Sud, the order is suspended until a hearing on the issue schedule for June 12.

(We apologize for the pun in the first line of the story. We couldn't help ourselves.)