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What a First-Time River Cruiser Should Know

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Viking Cruises Lisa Iannucci February 11, 2016

What a First-Time River Cruiser Should Know

PHOTO: A Viking River Cruises ship meandering its way through Austria (Courtesy Viking River Cruises)

River cruising is a popular and relaxing way to travel. Not only do vacationers enjoy a slow voyage along the river in a floating hotel, but travelers can step ashore and explore the grandeur of many foreign towns and cities along the way.

Now that you are ready to experience a Viking River Cruise for the very first time, here are some things you should know:

Every Room Has a View: The light, airy floating hotel is perfect for river cruising with 95 comfortable outside staterooms, a private bathroom, roomy closets and storage space, and amenities like flat-panel TVs and premium bath products. All Viking Cruise ship suites feature two rooms with a veranda off the living room and a French balcony in the bedroom. Every room has a breathtaking view of the water.

You Can Get Out and Explore: There is so much to do that you need to find time to fit it all in. Revolutionary in concept and design, the cruise ships have an spacious outdoor seating area at the bow of the ship which is perfect for having a casual meal al fresco, meeting friends for drinks or reading a book, all while enjoying breathtaking views and basking in the fresh air. The cruise ships also include an organic herb garden and solar panels; putting green, and walking track. Once we dock, it’s time to get out and explore the areas.

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You Won’t Get Seasick: Because a river has little to no waves, sea sickness is never a concern. In addition, because each river cruise ship’s scale is limited so it will fit into the locks and canals along the river, ships are always smaller in scale, with typically just under 200 guests. These are just a few of the reasons why river cruising is truly the most relaxing way to travel.

You Will Never Go Hungry: There is plenty to eat on the ship, so do not worry about being hungry. No matter what hour the pangs hit, Viking River Cruise ships are ready with a variety of snacks and meals and complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks. Enjoy the restaurant with its floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views

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Leave the Formals at Home: There is no formal dress code on the ship. Dress casually and comfortably and, when you need it, there is a laundry service available for use.

You Won’t Be Unplugged: Not if you don’t want to be. If you can’t completely disconnect and still need to keep in contact with your family or office, there is free Wi-Fi service throughout the entire ship.

Meet Other Cruisers: Viking River Cruises has a big travel-related group on Facebook, a lively Twitter feed and a loyal audience on Google+. Join and talk to cruising veterans. Our mission is to ensure that you have all of the information you want and need so you can relax and enjoy your trip.