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4 Countries Welcoming U.S. Visitors if Trump Becomes President

Destination & Tourism | Janeen Christoff | May 17, 2016

4 Countries Welcoming U.S. Visitors if Trump Becomes President

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It’s election season, so everyone is threatening to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win. It happens in almost every election, but something about a potential Trump win, now that he has sealed up the Republican nomination, has generated even more interest in moving abroad among the citizenry.

Canada is by far the most likely place for Americans relocating – and the most popular. Searches for “move to Canada” are the highest since 2004 when another controversial candidate, the incumbent George W. Bush, was winning in the polls. In fact, according to Google trends, on March 2, 2016, searches for “move to Canada” were the highest that they have ever been in the search engine’s history.

Searches for Canada may be topping the list, but it’s not the only option for U.S. citizens looking to live abroad. In fact, an island in Ireland is actively recruiting Americans looking to escape the unpredictability that a Trump presidency promises to replenish its dwindling population.

In light of this, here is a handy guide to some of the destinations that are actively seeking U.S. citizens looking to escape the political fray.

Inishturk, Ireland

This remote island nine miles off the coast of Ireland is actively recruiting new residents, and U.S. citizens are a near-perfect match. The island currently has a population of 58 people and there are just three children in the elementary school. Winters can be cold, but the island offers a sense of peace and tranquility in a coastal locale – so it can’t be too rough.

Mary Heanue, Inishturk development officer, had a welcoming message for those fleeing the U.S.

"I've heard there are quite a few people in America looking to move to Ireland and other countries if Donald Trump becomes president,” she said to the Irish Central website. “I'd like them to know that we'd love to see them consider moving over here.”

Thinking of moving to Ireland? Irish Central has also put together a handy list of things you will need to know.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is another country that attracts a lot of love from Americans. Unspoiled country and a laidback lifestyle are attractive to many U.S. visitors who may want to make a visit a more permanent experience. In light of a Donald Trump presidency, this motivation has been made somewhat clearer – and more urgent.

For those looking to settle down under, the kiwis have made the transition easy. There’s a handy guide on the government website that highlights all of the reasons why Americans should consider New Zealand and has advice on various types of visas – for short or long term stays – investment opportunities, education and more.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Probably the first destination to suggest a move to its shores with the threat of a Donald Trump presidency was Cape Breton, jumping to the aid of a disgruntled electorate. Similar to Inishturk, Cape Breton has a population problem and is looking for a boost, making attracting disappointed voters in the states a great target. Cape Breton is clear that they are welcoming to all – even Trump voters.

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The island on the East Coast of Canada is about the same size as Hawaii’s big island and constantly garners accolades for its beauty in travel publications the world over. There is a wealth of diversity, mild summers – and one of the most affordable housing markets in North America.

For those interested in making a move, there is a website on how to make that happen.


Many people may be searching for a more tropical paradise to defect to and, in that respect, Panama has your back. Another plus, it’s fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers. There are many advantages to life in Panama. Buying a car, a house, opening a business and opening a bank account are easier in Panama than in many other destinations and there’s a booming expat community already thriving in the country making a wealth of information available to potential residents coming from the U.S. 

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