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5 Things to Do on a Finland Stopover

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 22, 2016

5 Things to Do on a Finland Stopover

PHOTO: Take some time to explore Finland. (Photo courtesy Finland Tourism) 

It’s always nice to get a little something extra out of a trip and that is what a stopover does for travelers with a little extra time. Now, planning a stopover to Finland with Finnair on a trip to Asia, for example, is even easier with new options for getting to know Finland for up to five days when flying Finnair. 

When booking your flight, guests just choose the “stopover” option rather than “one-way” or “roundtrip.” And booking is through the Finnair website just got easier with newly launched stopover programs. Here are five ways travelers can get to know Finland with a short stay. 

Spend the Day in Helsinki
If you don’t have a lot of time but want to add a quick stop in Finland along the way, pad either your outbound or return flight with a few extra hours and head into the city. The one-day city tours offered through Finnair’s stopover program include a return bus ticket on Finnair City Bus, a snack and a panorama sightseeing tour by bus. 

Explore as Far as Lapland
On a two-night or two-day stopover with Finnair, visitors can get as far north as Lapland. There are two options though the airline. Both include a sightseeing city tour, roundtrip bus tickets, a night at a downtown hotel, a snack, buffet breakfast and more. However, guests can choose to be picked up at night or during the day. The short stay is a good way to get to know the country, from its famous Marimekko fashion to its local flavors. 

Chase the Northern Lights
For many, seeing the Northern Lights is a bucket list item. Visitors can try and check off this experience during a stopover with Finnair. At Arctic SnowHotel, guards who watch the skies and wake up guests when the aurora borealis shows its colors so that guests don’t miss the chance to see this once-in-a-lifetime light show. 

Have an Adventure
If you are totally over those long-haul flights because you just can't sit still, take your mind off the boredom with an adventure in Finland. One stopover suggestion is to head out and go rock climbing. The rock climbing in Olhava is world famous and while you are there, you will also have the chance to explore one of the country's national treasures, its Repovesi National Park. 

“From a climbing point of view, Olhava is the best Finland offers. It’s an all-encompassing place – you don’t go there just for climbing, a trip to Olhava is all about spending quality time in nature," climber Jim Ansio tells Finnair.

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Experience the Ice Sauna
Heading to Finland in the wintertime? Why not treat yourself to the ice sauna. The Finnish people are well known for their love of the sauna but the ice sauna is truly a unique experience. The hut is made out of ice cubes — albeit slushy ones and visitors are treated to a 140-degree steam. And for people with lung ailments, this experience really is therapeutic. 

“As the humidity percentage is over 80, many people with lung problems find they can bathe comfortably even if they can’t stand a regular sauna,” sauna therapist Marjo Määttä of Rukan Salonki tells Finnair. 

Another win — it also prevents cold and flu.