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5 Unique Ice Cream Flavors from Around the World

Destination & Tourism | Cherese Weekes | April 21, 2015

5 Unique Ice Cream Flavors from Around the World

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Packing your bags and booking a flight might seem an extreme thing to do just for a taste of ice cream, but there are some frozen treats that are worth the trip. Not the spontaneous type? Then keep an eye out for these unique concoctions when you’re in that area.

U.K.: Jellyfish

Glow-in-the-dark ice cream? It’s a reality. Jellyfish ice cream is the brainchild of Charlie Francis, owner of the British ice cream boutique Lick Me I’m Delicious. By joining forces with Chinese scientists he was able to incorporate the protein that causes the sea creature’s glowing capabilities into the frozen dessert. However, don’t expect the jellyfish ice cream to sting your tongue, but you should expect it to radiate brightly with each lick. What may sting is the hefty price for just a serving of the treat ($220!). Still that doesn’t seem to deter many ice cream lovers from savoring this unique flavor.

New Zealand: Hokey Pokey

In the 1980s, vanilla ice cream in New Zealand was transformed dramatically when honeycomb was added into the mix. Since then, this style of the dessert earned a top spot among ice cream enthusiasts in the country. Not to be confused with the quirky dance, hokey pokey doesn’t require its consumers to get up and shake their tail feathers, unless they are completely bonkers over the honeycomb-coated treat they just can’t sit still.

Wisconsin: Blue Moon

If you are in the upper Midwest on a hot summer day and you are dying to cool down with ice cream, shoot for the region’s famous Blue Moon flavor. In retrospect, it may be hard to resist since its bright blue color makes flavors like vanilla and chocolate seen pretty mundane. Along with a mysterious hue, this ice cream has an even more mysterious story behind its creation since theories of its origin has been quite hard to prove. But what remains constant is every lick of the Blue Moon is guaranteed to be as vibrant as its color.

Venezuela: Spaghetti and Cheese

Ice cream lovers tend to gravitate towards Heladeria Coromoto, an ice cream parlor in Merida, Venezuela that aims to leave a strange taste in your mouth because of its dozens of exotic flavors. One particular taste that tops the list is the popular spaghetti and cheese, and as its name suggests you can be sure to find strands of spaghetti combined with ice cream infused with the dairy product. The only thing missing from this treat is the alfredo sauce, but with ingredients so bizarre it already appeals to the adventurist at heart.

Canada: Tiger Tail

Licorice and ice cream may not sound like they go together, but in Canada this strange ice cream craze produces a loyal fan base. Perhaps it could be because of its orange color and the infusing of black licorice that makes it stand out among the rainbow-colored flavors of local parlors like Baskin Robbins. Nevertheless, if you want to impress your fellow Canadian ice cream lover, then order this traditional delicacy. It might very well be your induction into the country’s exclusive ice cream club.


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