Last updated: 03:00 PM ET, Thu November 17 2016

A Selfie Will Get You Into this Chinese Tourist Destination

Destination & Tourism Patrick Clarke November 17, 2016

A Selfie Will Get You Into this Chinese Tourist Destination

PHOTO: Wuzhen, China. (Photo via Flickr/tengri555)

Each year millions of tourists descend on the historic scenic Chinese town of Wuzhen.

And thanks to the efforts of one tech company, Baidu, it's never been easier to experience the popular tourist destination.

According to CNN Tech, recently implemented facial recognition technology makes it so that visitors only need a selfie to gain access.

So far, the feedback has been mostly positive, with the technology cutting down on wait times.

How does it work?

"When a visitor arrives, their photo is taken and uploaded to a database. When he or she attempts to access certain parts of the town, a tablet attached to the entry gates records video," writes Matt McFarland. "It then sends a few frames to the cloud, where artificial intelligence identifies if the person seeking access is authorized."

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According to Baidu, the technology is accurate nearly 99.8 percent of the time and the entire process takes less than a second to complete.

In addition to being faster and more secure than other identification methods like fingerprint scanning and iris-scanning, Baidu's system is incredibly convenient.

"You always have your face with you," the company's chief scientist Andrew Ng told CNNMoney. "Facial recognition, while not a panacea, has a lot of strengths that other authentication methods don't."

We can only hope Baidu's technology expands to other aspects of travel.