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African Countries Vow to Protect Environment

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 19, 2016

African Countries Vow to Protect Environment

PHOTO: Safari in Kenya. (Photo by David Cogswell) 

African nations are pledging to protect the environment says a report on Vice

At the COP 22 conference las week, held in Marrakech, Morocco, 25 nations signed an agreement to promote sustainable tourism. 

At the conference, “Alain St. Ange, tourism minister in Seychelles’, said his island country will work to protect its native environment while growing the tourism economy,” reports Meridith Rutland Bauer. 

“The challenge we have now is to work together with industry players from the whole region to ensure we are all on the same page,” Ange said at the conference. 

Tourism is a major concern for African countries when it comes to protecting the natural environment and sustainability is a must for survival. 

“Tourism threatens Africa’s environment through construction of hotels, trash pollution of beaches, and increased smog from vehicle traffic. That’s to say nothing of trophy hunting of big game, a controversial practice where hunters can pay to kill a designated rhino or lion,” writes Bauer. 

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Many countries are also great stewards of the environment. 

“According to the UN, the Kenyan government has collaborated in several public-private partnerships to protect the environment amidst a growing tourist economy,” notes Bauer. 

And countries such as the Seychelles have incorporated environmental protections into their constitutions. 

“The nation’s constitution, enacted in 1993, states citizens have a right to a clean environment,” says Bauer. 

A growing commitment to environmental protection is sure to be a win for tourism in Africa overall. For more on the agreement, read on here