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Are These the World’s Most Dangerous Islands?

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 28, 2016

Are These the World’s Most Dangerous Islands?

PHOTO: Residents of Miyakejima are threatened by the island's toxic gas. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)

An island destination may sound enticing, but not every island is created equally and — while beautiful — they may not be as safe for the general population. 

“Technically, you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time anywhere. But some places pose a much higher risk than others. Certain islands are infamous for their deadly animals or dangerous viruses. One place specifically is dangerous because natives start attacking potential visitors before they get a chance to set foot,” says The Active Times in an article for the Huffington Post

One such archipelago is the Izu Islands in the Fiji volcanic belt. The people who once lived there were actually evacuated in 2000 because the gas levels had become toxic. 

“They were allowed back five years later. Residents of Miyakejima, one of Japan’s Izu Islands, must wear masks at all times,” the Active Times reports.

Gruinard Island in Scotland is known as “Anthrax Island." 

“It used to be the testing ground for biological warfare during World War Two. It was so contaminated that it was deemed out-of-bounds for half a century. Anthrax spores remain in the soil,” says the Active Times. 

Ramree Island in Myanmar is home to thousands of saltwater crocodiles. 

“These crocodiles are not only deadly, they are aggressive and known to attack people who enter their natural habitat. In fact, the “Most Number of Fatalities in a Crocodile Attack” took place at Ramree Island, according to the Guinness Book of World Records,” says the Active Times.     

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Add to that poisonous scorpions and mosquitoes carrying malaria, and you’ve really turned people off. 

Brazil’s Ilha da Queimada is often called “Snake Island” as it’s home to some of the most poisonous snakes in the world — the Golden Lancehead Vipers. 

“The Brazilian Navy has banned all civilians from the island, which is just 20 miles off the coast of São Paulo. There are between one and five snakes per square meter (3 feet),” writes the Active Times. 

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